The Idea

Jillian O'Neill has been creating furniture for her private clients for over a decade. Beautifully crafted unique pieces that echo her overall design aesthetic are her signature. These signature pieces are now available to purchase with your custom specifications.

Style & Quality

Meticulously hand-crafted with the highest quality materials for a bespoke feel, Jillian's designs are elegant, modern and unique with an emphasis on proportion. Always inspired by fashion and art, Jillian is thrilled to be partnering with Holland & Sherry Interiors for the upholstered pieces in this collection. Their origin in fashion along with the unparalleled quality of their fine wools and linens make for an obvious partnership. Jillian has thoughtfully selected an offering of Holland & Sherry textiles that add to the elegance and timelessness of her designs.



A stunning selection of lacquered wood species, luxe textiles, exotic stones, and hand-cast metals are available to customize each piece in the collection to your unique tastes. Choose the materials and finishes that fit your personal surroundings to make each piece your own.