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This collection represents my entire career in design. I always strive for subtle elegance and classic modernity through my interiors work and with this collection my thoughts were no different. They are pieces I would get excited to show any of the clients I have had over the years. They are pieces I love using in my own home. 

In this saturated market there are very few shops making high quality furnishings. I am immensely appreciative of those who do. I remember the first Troscan dining chair I specified, the first Jonathan Browning sconce, the first sculpted dining table from Gabriel Scott. I am thankful for these craftsmen for adding such beauty and quality to my clients' homes; it is in part what has built my reputation. 

So now I find myself on my own journey that has become so exciting and personal. I hope you find it as inspiring as I have...


I began with functionality and practicality. The first six pieces in the collection - a bench, a side table, a console table, a dining chair, a lounge chair and an ottoman - are all extremely versatile. Pieces that I'm continually seeking out for clients and that every home needs. We made sure the scale was very carefully thought out. For example, the Emma Bench works perfectly in an entry, at the end of a bed, or in front of a fireplace. The Coco Ottoman makes a lovely extra seat, a footstool or cocktail table. And the Daniel Side Table is scaled large enough to hold your favorite lamp and also work as a nightstand.


Design really is at the heart of this project. I have heard over and over again, piece by piece, "Jillian, this piece is so you". I designed all of these from not only my experience in design, but from my heart. I sketched them for years, I dreamt about them, I obsessed over every detail. I hope you enjoy seeing them as much as I enjoyed bringing them to life.

Materials and construction

I am so proud of the team we have put together to make this collection. They have worked tirelessly on each prototype and will continue through each and every custom piece. Most of the materials and craftsmen are local to Houston and I'm so pleased to have partnered with Holland & Sherry Interiors to provide you with the ultimate luxury in upholstery materials. Solid woods, exotic marbles, luxury upholstery...all of the elements that create a luxury piece for your home.

Now... on to shopping...we look forward to your comments and questions!

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